Leak Detection & Location

Reliable and accurate detection, location and GIS
mapping of leaks, gas pockets and buried assets



Building on the successful application of the Sahara® Leak Location system and Sahara® Pipeline Inspection platforms, WRc provides a number of complementary non-disruptive inspection and location technologies for accurate leak detection, and line location services on live water and gas pipelines, and for fault detection and location on critical sewer rising mains.

WRc’s Assess & Address® portfolio of services includes accurate pipe location and tracing to depths of up to 30m, with an in-house capability to integrate asset information and fault history into a client’s existing GIS platform.

Service Offerings from WRc:

  • In-line Leak detection services for large-diameter pipelines
  • Pipeline pre-commissioning: zero leakage for new pipelines
  • Leak & gas pocket detection
  • Deep pipeline location & tracing
  • GIS and mapping services



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