Future Networks    


Our infrastructure may not be changing rapidly, but the technologies that can be used to gain an understanding of operations and response are. Tomorrow’s networks have far more data collected that, when integrated, enable intelligent decision making and autonomous operation. We have experience supporting companies with their strategic network development from developing pilots to solve specific problems, managing field trials of new technologies, or even working with network engineers to ensure the mindset and knowledge of teams matches the data insights that are available to them.  We can also help to plan the data collection needs of today, that will enable best of use of this data in the future.

A particular area of focus currently is in maximising the effectiveness from use of leakage noise loggers, and ensuring that these are integrated into future leakage strategy in the most economically viable way. Understanding the consequences in terms of customer-reported leakage, dealing with false alarms, and setting thresholds for managing alarm states are all achievable and critical to a roll out programme.

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