Flow in Focus for the new AMP  

Flow is one of the most fundamental parameters we measure for understanding and managing clean and waste water networks and processes. Good flow measurement practice is also fundamental to directly (and indirectly) demonstrating compliance with the obligations the regulators put on water companies through permits, ODIs and other targets. In this new AMP we are entering, the monitoring of flow, as well as pressure and other parameters, in both clean and wastewater networks will be subject to greater scrutiny and new investment.

Latest changes to technology and regulation across clean and wastewater flow measurement are described in Andy Godley’s latest article on LinkedIn. Updates are provided along with examples of where WRc are putting to good use our testing capabilities and analytics skills to provide deeper insights into operational and strategic problems. This includes the launch of a new research project on area-velocity meters that could help companies meet their obligations to extend monitoring as a result of the Water Industry National Environment Programme. The whole team is driven and motivated to achieve greater understanding of water use, reduce leakage and protect the environment.

For further information you could access Andy Godley’s latest article on linkedIn or contact us on Infrastructure@wrcplc.co.uk and we will come back to you.



Andy is WRc's Principal flow measurement specialist. From the theory and engineering through strategy, economics and practical testing Andy helps clients to achieve their flow measurement goals whatever they may be. Andy is an active member of a number of British, European and International Standards committees as well as being a member of the Environment Agency's MCERTS Self Monitoring Steering Committee.