Our Fees for Testing

The fees for undertaking the testing at WRc will be between £7,250 and £8,000 plus VAT, depending on whether there is a need to carrying out the Snagging Drainline tests.

The fees below are indicative and will be confirmed upon discussion of testing requirements.

  • Overall Management of the testing
  • Disintegration in Drainline test
  • Disintegration in Sewer tests
  • Snagging in Drainline tests
  • WC Bowl Clearance and Drainline Clearance tests
  • Settlement tests
  • Determination of synthetic and no-synthetic organic components

£1.000 plus VAT
£1,500 plus VAT
£1,600 plus VAT
   £750 plus VAT
£1,000 plus VAT
£1,250 plus VAT
   £900 plus VAT


For further information please contact finetoflush@wrcplc.co.uk