Customer Engagement

Helping our customers deliver exceptional service by
putting their customers first.

The customer engagement service area focuses on the relationship between the end user and the service provider.

Our work covers all touch points where there may be a need or desire to communicate from either the customer or company perspective. Specific topic areas covered include:

  • utility revenue metering (technology including smart meters, deployment and replacement strategy, under registration and meter testing, and billing)
  • supply pipe leakage (policy and strategy, risk, economic level)
  • water efficiency (strategy and evaluation, rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse strategy and risk identification)
  • understanding water and gas use (including our unique water use analysis product - Identiflow)
  • customer communication methods including gamification
  • plain English advice on hot topics such as human health, misconnections, sewer flooding, disposal to sewer, product labelling etc.

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Matt Hart head of customer engagement Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865000