Compliance and Regulatory Support   

We provide support to companies who are on a journey to full compliance with Ofwat’s consistent reporting methodology for leakage. There are many aspects to ensuring the quality of data and processing is appropriate for the application. Examples of areas we can provide specialist support in are:

  • Understanding flow measurement and under-registration estimates. Ensuring that metering is fit for purpose, appropriately sized, and data is collected at a relevant frequency.
  • Support to applying reporting methodologies and to the practical calculation support. Understanding the impact of changes in calculation to leakage reporting, and selecting the best estimates for use for targeting, as well as reporting purposes.
  • Carrying out specialist studies e.g. night use assessment or strategy for non-household logging for greater understanding of the network.
  • Implementing water balance methodologies for upstream network including understanding of meter uncertainty to develop intervention plans.
  • Implementing water balance methodologies for DMAs with high metering penetration to support or validate estimates derived from night flow methods.
  • Exploring and developing customer side leakage and wastage policies, building on historic work, models and guidance developed for UKWIR.
Carmen Snowdon Principal Consultant Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865150