Collaborative Research Projects in the Water Sector

There is quite a buzz across the water sector at the moment as hot on the heels of the Ofwat consultation on Innovation funding and competition closing (read our response here: the draft sector innovation strategy was published. Whilst we digest the details, participate in workshops and contribute to discussions around the Centre of Excellence, our established 'Portfolio' programme of collaborative research has continued to launch new projects. With all these projects it is never too late to get involved - so if you'd like more details on any of these please don't hesitate to contact me directly, or via the contacts listed below.

New Live Projects - Its not too late to join!

Area Velocity Meters - Six companies have joined forces to answer outstanding questions about the accuracy of area velocity meters, which have the potential to offer a lower cost solution for monitoring inlets and outlets of wastewater treatment works. Delivery of the project will include computational modelling (CFD), experimentation on our flume and field tests to give traceability of results from the theoretical model, to laboratory to real-life. Find out more contact

Energy Efficient Operation of Sewer Rising Mains - Based on exploring continuous versus intermittent pumping regimes, this project will ultimately enable the participants to achieve cost savings through reduced energy use at wastewater pumping stations and reduce the risk of rising main bursts due to pressure transients and fatigue failure. The output will be a guidance document that supports companies investigating the feasibility of continuous pumping, and estimates the energy, carbon and capital maintenance savings that could arise. Find out more contact

CCTV Inspection Adapting To The Digital Age - A group of companies are working together to identify the requirements of each sewer network CCTV user community such that CCTV expenditure can be optimised, and ensuring that surveys are compatible with future technology developments such as AI analysis. Find out more contact

We are also pleased to confirm that our Instrument User Group and Disinfection Forum are both celebrating their 10th Anniversaries, and the Odour Management User Group is commencing a new year of liaison and knowledge sharing as well.

Projects currently in development - we'd love to know your thoughts

Carbon capture in the water industry - This first-of-a-kind research working with Oxford University, who are part of the Leverhulme Centre for Climate Change Mitigation is aimed at directly contributing to the water industry pledge to achieve net zero carbon by 2030. The project will demonstrate potential for enhancing the rate of silicate weathering as a technique for carbon capture and storage. Find out more here:

Weed and pest control - it is inherent on water companies to lead by example in relation to their own activities - whether that be water conservation and leakage control, or addressing the impact on water quality of pesticides used within the catchment. This project will deliver guidance on weed and insect control for company's own land management and ensure that they can showcase leading practices. Find out more by contacting