Circular Economy

Resource efficiency supporting the
circular economy

A circular economy is one where resources are kept in circulation for as long as possible, at their highest value.

WRc’s waste doctors support industry to prevent leakage of key materials to landfill by recovering valuable resources as detailed on other pages.

WRc also has a wealth of experience working across water, energy, resource management and their associated supply chains and so is well-placed to build partnerships and facilitate cross-sector working.

While the transition to a circular economy demands efficiencies and improvements in processes, it also requires an understanding of the wider context and a clear sense of strategic direction. WRc can help your organisation think creatively and develop these overarching frameworks, working better in partnership with others.


Innovations in Infrastructure

WRc’s Innovations in Infrastructure showcases examples of innovative cross-sector collaborations that are taking place within the utilities and infrastructure sector. Case studies on the transition to a circular economy are provided by Albion Water, Amey, Northern Powergrid, Pennon, SGN and Wessex Water. Download.

Innovations in Plastics

WRc’s second report highlights the technologies, the thinking and the new products that will help us as we transition to a circular economy. New technologies for processing waste plastics are presented by Recycling Technologies, Enval, Suez and the Thermal Compaction Group as well as new ways of thinking from RPC and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, both of whom emphasise the importance of design.  An example of new products that can be made from recycled materials is showcased by new swimwear brand Davy J. There are some fantastic images in this report and inspiration in the story of their products. Download.

WRc 5th Innovation Day

The themes were “Sharing Knowledge for a Changing World” and the “Circular Economy as a Driver for Change”.

Keynotes from Ian McAulay (Viridor) and Jon Brigg (Yorkshire Water) highlighted the benefits of a circular economy approach and a hands-on workshop explored the challenges of applying circularity when building a town. See more

Driving resource efficiency across supply chains

WRc contributed to the thought leadership of the APSRG All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group publication  “Driving resource efficiency across supply chains" Download.

Circular Economy Opportunity Video

If you want to understand more about the circular economy and particularly its impact on the water sector, check out this short video here from the Future Water Association.



Dr Kathy Lewinhead of Waste & resources