WWEM 2012 Conference, Telford (7 and 8 November 2012)

November 19, 2012 Categories: Events

Andy Godley presented a paper: MCERTS Certification - Solar radiation and the effects on field instrumentation. 

The potential impact of solar radiation on ultrasonic level sensors, particularly where these form part of an MCERTS certified installation for monitoring discharge to the environment, has been a much debated subject for many years. It has long been known that air temperature changes need to be compensated for in ultrasonic level measurement but until recently we have had no firm evidence on effects above and beyond this. WRc have undertaken extensive tests on typical level sensors both under operational and simulated environments which have allowed us to separate the impacts on instrument output of temperature and solar radiation. This is allowing us to develop more explicit good practice guidance for the use of such equipment and more rigorous tests for incorporation into the MCERTS product approval scheme. This paper presented a brief overview of the work and its findings, and most importantly disseminate the good practice guidance.

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