WRc wins Pipeline Industries Guild Utility Pipeline Technology Award

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WRc are delighted to have won the prestigious Pipeline Industries Guild (PIG) Utility Pipeline Technology Award 2014.

The entry was for a novel technique for plastic pipe inspection. The new technique allows plastic pipelines of any size greater than 100mm to be inspected while they are still in service. Information provided includes the location of any metallic fittings, leaks or other points where there is electrical conduction through the pipe wall; the line of the pipe can also be identified as part of the survey process. The new technique combines a unique ability to detect and locate lost metallic fittings with a capability to map the line of the pipe and identify leaks. There is no upper limit on the size of pipe that could be surveyed using the technique. The technique is sensitive enough to allow identification of changes in plastic pipe material and to detect the location of plastic socket joints by the moisture seeping through them.

The tool uses a proven technology, the Sahara® Pipeline Inspection System, to transport the sensor along the pipeline; the sensor is carried by the flow and is withdrawn back along the main at the end of the survey for removal through the entry point. The maximum length of main that can be surveyed from any entry point is limited only by the cable length – currently 2000m. The tool can be used in clean water systems to identify the location of leaks particularly where there is low pressure and acoustic techniques are ineffective. It might be used to pin-point a known leak that cannot be located by traditional acoustic methods (listening stick/ground microphone).

Leo Carswell, Principal Consultant, Technology Development at WRc comments “WRc are delighted to have won this prestigious award; the development of this new technology is an example of the industry collaborating to deliver a hugely beneficial solution to a long standing problem”.

The development and trials were carried out as part of a WRc collaborative Portfolio™ project with Anglian Water, Severn Trent Water, South West Water, Thames Water and United Utilities.

For further information on this release, please contact Leo Carswell on 01793 865131 or email leo.carswell@wrcplc.co.uk

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