WRc Trial Wastewater Ammonia and Nitrate Monitors

November 07, 2013 Categories: Latest News

Reliable and robust measurements of nitrate and ammonia are important for control of activated sludge wastewater treatment processes. Good measurements result in good control leading to reliable treatment and minimised energy use. 

WRc, together with ten UK water utilities, are currently conducting the most significant and comprehensive trial of wastewater DO monitors undertaken by the UK water industry for over a decade. When this trial finishes in December 2013, a new trial will start looking at nitrate on selective electrodes (ISE) and ammonia monitors (the latter is not restricted to ISE).

Dr Jorgen Jonsson, Project Manager at WRc comments “The trial is funded by the participating water companies through the WRc Portfolio collaborative research programme and will be a major source of information to support companies in the selection and operation of wastewater ammonia and nitrate monitors through future investment.”

Suppliers of suitable wastewater instruments are invited to participate in this trial. The deadline for initial expression of interest is 12:00 Midday on the 3rd January 2014. For further information and to express an interest in the trial, please contact Dr Jorgen Jonsson at jorgen.jonsson@wrcplc.co.uk

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