WRc to host WWEM 2014 Instrumentation Demo Area

November 07, 2014 Categories: Latest News

WRc, the leading innovation consultancy working in the Water, Waste and Gas sectors is delighted to host the WWEM 2014 Instrumentation Demo Area. WWEM will take place on the 5th and 6th November and is a focused event covering all aspects of Water and Wastewater monitoring.  

This year and for the first time, WWEM will include an instrumentation demo area into their event and WRc is delighted to host this area. WRc will showcase a “WRc Demo Lab” where visitors will be able to see “live” MCERTS testing along with a display of the rigs used for specific performance tests. Alongside the Demo Lab, 25 companies exhibiting at the show will demonstrate and offer the opportunity to get hands on with their technology as part of a “market pitch” which will run over both days. 

The area will also play host to the Apprentice Competition, information on instrumentation trials currently being undertaken with suppliers and water company end users. 

Leo Carswell, Head of Technology at WRc comments “This is an exciting opportunity for WRc to show the work that is being done in collaboration between water companies and the supply chain to develop, evaluate and implement new technology.” 

For further information on this release, please contact Leo Carswell at leo.carswell@wrcplc,co.uk or 01793 865131

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