WRc held Joint Workshops on Zero Leakage and Zero Excavations, WRc Swindon (19 September 2013)

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WRc Releases Industry Action Plans for Zero Excavations and Zero Leakages

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a new EU run scheme to accelerate the uptake of innovative environmental technologies into the market.  The problem at the moment is that many clever new ideas that can benefit environment and health are not taken up because they are new and do not have a track record. Under ETV, claims on innovative environmental technologies can be verified – at the request of if the owner of the technology – by qualified third parties called 'Verification Bodies'. The 'Statement of Verification' delivered at the end of the ETV process can be used as evidence that the claims are both credible and scientifically sound. 

WRc is an accredited Verification Body under the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program and ran their 2nd Workshop “What and Why” on the 5th November 2013 at their offices in Swindon. The workshop was FREE to attend and included: 

  • What is ETV
  • The benefits of ETV
  • How to obtain verification
  • The opportunity to discuss your technologies with Verification experts 

Mark Smith, Managing Director (WRc) commented “We are very proud to be the first UK ETV accredited organisation and believe the scheme has the potential to accelerate the uptake of innovative technologies to the sector. This workshop is an ideal opportunity to learn about ETV, what it means for your company and how you can take advantage of EU support funding to encourage the use of innovative technologies in the water sector.” 

For further information about ETV contact 01793 865000, www.wrcplc.co.uk or email etv@wrcplc.co.uk

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