WRc Supports Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring Conference

November 08, 2012 Categories: Latest News

WRc supported the WWEM 2012 event in Telford during November 2012. 

Andy Godley, Senior Consultant from WRc spoke at the Process Monitoring Conference - ‘2012 Update on Regulation and Certification’. The presentation addressed potential impacts of solar radiation on ultrasonic level sensors, particularly where these form part of an MCERTS certified installation for monitoring discharge. WRc has undertaken extensive tests on typical level sensors under operational and simulated environments to enable more explicit good practice guidance for equipment use and more rigorous tests for incorporation into the MCERTS product approval scheme. 

Daniel Dai was awarded third prize in the SWIG (Sensing Water Interest Group) Early Career Researcher Prize for his research on ‘LOADMON: An Online Non-Contact Wastewater Pollution Load Monitor’. Daniel received his prize at the WWEM Gala Dinner presented by SWIG Chairman Professor Richard Luxton. Daniel’s work describes the development of a novel optic sensor for monitoring pollution load in wastewater and potential impacts on energy savings in wastewater treatment works. The instrument will measure the SS (suspended solid) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) by using light at different wavelengths to interrogate flowing wastewater in an open channel. Collaborating with University of Oxford under the KTP project, a prototype with sophisticated motion control, automatic alignment and signal processing algorithm has been developed at WRc and site tests have validated the techniques. As a truly non-contact monitor LOADMON has attracted interest from water companies and manufacturers. 

Finally, the Instrument User Group (IUG) gave an award for Best After-Sales Service among suppliers of analytical water monitoring instrumentation. ATi received the award with recognition from the IUG members for outstanding after sales service. Process Measurement and Analysis (PMA) and SWAN Analytical instrument were awarded runners up prizes. The IUG is run by WRc (membership is open to all UK Water Companies) and it provides a framework to bring water company users together to exchange information and best practice on water industry instrumentation, including analytical and physical measurement as well as flow measurement in potable water and wastewaters. 

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