WRc supports Skanska commissioning of potable water treatment plant in North Wales

October 25, 2018 Categories: Articles Latest News

WRc is assisting Skanska commission the upgrades to Welsh Water’s Bryn Cowlyd water treatment works in the Conwy valley. The £31m investment to install a Dissolved Air Floatation plant (DAF) and new Rapid Gravity Filters (RGFs) among other process upgrades will improve dissolved organic carbon (DOC) removal and reduce disinfection by-products (DPBs), safeguarding the water supply to 100,000 people in the locality.


WRc  is currently assisting Skanska in all aspects of commissioning with a central role in setting up water quality instrumentation, process control in the DAF and RGF, sampling during the proving phase and managing discharges from site ensuring environmental compliance. The work is ongoing but will ensure efficient commissioning and handover of new assets and resultant decrease in risk to the contractor and water company alike.


Nigel O'Donoghue, WRc says  “Working on Skanska’s commissioning team alongside engineers with diverse skillsets but with a singular, tangible goal in mind, one that will greatly benefit local communities has made the work at Bryn Cowlyd incredibly rewarding and fun.”


Note:- WRc has extensive expertise in plant commissioning and optimisation, helping water companies, contractors and consultants with the process of handover and optimisation of new treatment assets.  With a combination of process science and engineering expertise,  process modelling and training of operators among many other skillsets, WRc can make a real difference in optimising and de-risking the commissioning process.    



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