For for the first time ever:

The WRc Technical Showcase

at our Innovation Day - 26th April 2017


Our technical experts gave a series of presentations on the following hot topics:

Hitting Leakage Targets

The upstream network has big pipes… and some big leaks. Careful analytics and handling of uncertainty allows companies to target their leak detection activity on the right pipes first time.

Improving Customer Experience and Reducing Pollution Fines

Finding the cause of failure is key to effective prevention of repeat events. Fewer events mean fewer fines and happy customers. Rising Mains Doctor diagnoses the problem and prescribes solutions.

Toxicology on Demand (a TOD Talk)

Introducing our subscription service providing expert toxicology support to clients as and when it is needed.

New Approaches to Ensuring that Your Drinking Water is Microbiologically Safe

Closing the stable door before the horse has bolted - Knowing the risk posed by pathogens in sources of water is necessary for assessing the robustness of water treatment.

WRc Waste Doctors - diagnosing the cause; prescribing the cure

  • Are you wasting your resources?
  • Getting a headache identifying value recovery options for your wastes?
  • Finding WM3 waste classification a pain?
  • Consult the Waste Doctors, we can treat your symptoms.

Truly Integrated Catchment Management

SIMPOL ICM is the next generation in environmental modelling designed for fast, long term simulation of the whole water cycle incorporating clean water systems, urban wastewater systems and river catchments.

Managing Pesticides to Protect Water Resources

Pesticides in the environment – what will the future bring and what can we do about managing the conflicts between use of pesticides for high volume food production and high quality drinking water?

The Economic Model for Trunk Main Active Leakage Control

WRc have developed a tool to help water companies assess the economic advantages of active leakage control on trunk main networks.

How Much of my Network do I REALLY Need to Replace?

WRc’s condition assessment technologies have reduced the cost of capital maintenance up to 96%.

A New Innovative Option for Pipeline Replacement

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