WRc presents on Water Matters at Earth Summit 2015

June 16, 2015 Categories: Latest News

A team of volunteers from WRc participated in the Earth Summit at the National Trust Estate in Coleshill on 18th – 21st May 2015.

The Earth Summit is an annual event organised by the National Trust, with support from local organisations including Swindon Borough Council, Thames Water and WRc. Its aim is for year 5 pupils across Swindon to learn about the environment and sustainable living. Children attend workshops on a variety of issues, including renewable energy, recycling, and transport.

WRc presented a workshop called Water Matters in conjunction with Thames Water. It included activities to encourage the pupils to think about where water comes from and the processes that are required to treat water. These activities prompted discussions about what actions the children and their families could take to reduce their water consumption. They were also given the opportunity to make water filters to test different filtration materials and observe which ones were most effective.

Each day ended with a debrief session in which all the pupils shared what they had learnt: it was great to hear them discussing our water-saving suggestions during this session.

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