WRc Loadmon wins Future Water Association Water Dragon’s Regional Heat at the Crystal London

July 10, 2015 Categories: Latest News

Loadmon is WRc’s flagship project to develop a ground-breaking on-line monitor for wastewater organic load (COD and suspended solids) based on non-contact optical interrogation of a flowing wastewater sample. The technology is designed to enable reliable feed-forward process control and inlet load monitoring at WwTW. The development of this technology has been supported by four UK water companies, Innovate UK and Oxford University.

Following a presentation by Ian Walker, WRc’s Technical Director and a cross examination by a number of high-level Water Sector representatives, Loadmon was selected as the Regional Heat 2 winner of the Future Water Association Water Dragon’s.

In response to winning Dr Ian Walker said “I am delighted that the innovation resulting from this collaboration has been recognised. We identified a compelling need with the water companies and using significant WRc expertise working with the University of Oxford - we have developed a truly game changing technology.”

For further information on Loadmon contact Leo Carswell at leo.carswell@wrcplc.co.uk or 01793 865131.

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