WRc Leads New Flowmeter Development

January 10, 2013 Categories: Latest News

WRc is working with five of the UK’s largest water companies to help facilitate the deployment of low-cost flowmeters in the water distribution network. This could yield significant benefits for leakage investigations and hydraulic model calibration at District Metering Area (DMA) or sub-DMA levels. Through or full bore hydrants, which offer easy access into the main, could facilitate this if an appropriate flowmeter was available. 

Andy Godley, Senior Consultant at WRc comments “This application presents several technical challenges. A target specification has been produced and we are trying to identify equipment manufacturers or suppliers who are willing to help us to develop a solution.” 

If you are able help WRc with this solution, please contact Andy Godley at andy.godley@wrcplc.co.uk or on 01793 865060.

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