WRc issue an Open Call for Technology Solutions

October 28, 2015 Categories: Latest News

WRc is currently undertaking an open call for technology solutions to determine which companies are interested in participating.



WRc is starting a project to conduct a "managed demonstration" of side and end fittings for CIPP liners to determine whether they are "fit for purpose" with regards to Gas Distribution Network (GDN) requirements. Fittings are anticipated to be either mechanical or bonded though a hybrid system would be considered. Interested companies are invited to submit details of their solutions by end of November 2015 and WRc will select up to 4 systems to progress to testing and field trials. It is realised that solutions may require time and monies to develop and up to 6 months development time and partial funding is available before the ‘managed demonstration’ exercise proceeds.

Scope of project - A CIPP liner consists of a glass fibre reinforced lining sleeve saturated with a thermo-setting resin which is inserted into an existing gas main, inflated and then cured to form a liner. GDN companies are considering using CIPP liners to replace cast iron gas mains with diameters from 50 mm (2”) to 1220 mm (48”) and a maximum operating pressure up to 2 bar. Early deployment is likely for liner diameters of 225mm and above.

Currently there are approved side (customer) and end (connecting the liner back into the network) connection fittings for semi-structural CIPP liners but no approved fittings for ‘standalone’ fully structural glass reinforced CIPP liners where the host cast iron main is cut away to expose the liner. 

Mechanical testing will be undertaken at WRc and other test houses whilst there are CIPP lined 10” and 24” cast iron mains available for field trials. WRc will audit, test and validate the selected fittings against the Performance Specification requirements and subsequently determine which are ‘fit-for-purpose’.

Further details regarding this Stage 3 GDN CIPP liner fitting project can be obtained by contacting Dr Andy Russell at WRc plc. Contact details are andy.russell@wrcplc.co.uk, Tel: +44(0) 1793 865130 Fax: +44(0) 1793 865000.

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