WRc Infrastructure - Rising Main Survey for Yorkshire Water

November 05, 2019 Categories: Latest News

WRc Infrastructure has just completed a 950m long survey of a PVC rising main for Yorkshire Water. The survey was able to identify all the previous repairs on the rising main and check for signs of any other signs of the rising main leaking during the survey.

The survey produced a very clear indication of the location of the repairs and each was marked on the roadway over the rising main. This information can be combined with other pressure monitoring being carried out at the pump station to identify the areas most likely to need rehabilitation or repair

The surveys were carried out using the Sahara system which can be used to survey and locate features and the route of pipelines of all types of material.

The survey results have a peak at each of the previous repair locations and at any other metallic fittings on the pipeline.



For more information on Sahara surveys please email infrastructure@wrcplc.co.uk



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