WRc, IBM and Yorkshire Water collaborate on Proof of Concept Project

January 05, 2015 Categories: Latest News

WRc has been working together with IBM and Yorkshire Water on a proof of concept project to demonstrate the power of IBM’s cloud-based Intelligent Operations Centre (IOC) data analytics and visualisation platform. The project has brought together data from Yorkshire Water’s corporate IT systems and utilised statistical analytics tools to predict sewage pumping station performance. The proof of concept is based on historic telemetry, work order and weather data and with an ambitious 10 week timeline, including all data collation,  the project has successfully demonstrated that there is value in analysing data from disparate corporate datasets and displaying that data in a single visualisation portal. The concept will help Yorkshire Water to optimise business and data processes and support the development of the functional specification for the “Control room of the future".

For further information about this project, please contact Nick Orman on 01793 865117 or nick.orman@wrcplc.co.uk.

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