WRc gets Smart

October 18, 2012 Categories: Latest News

Following on from the collaborative Portfolio project CP449 – “Towards Intelligent Water Networks”, WRc is addressing the practical implementation of advanced, data-driven technologies to enable water companies to improve operational efficiency and customer service.

 We are currently collaborating with the University of Manchester’s School of Computer Science and Thames Water to test an advanced decision support tool. The prototype system uses real-time, calibrated hydraulic and water quality models and advanced technical architectures, including high-performance Grid or Cloud computing and visualisation interfaces, to provide what-if results to field engineers in near real-time. This is an example of how WRc can facilitate and accelerate the adoption of technical innovation, in this case helping water companies to realise their visions of real-time models and decision support systems. 

A related collaborative Portfolio idea project is being developed to address data/quality management issues and business case for these advanced systems. 

For further information please contact John Brown on 01793 865016 or john.brown@wrcplc.co.uk

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