WRc Finalists in SBWWI Water Dragons 2013

Posted by DeniseB January 28, 2014 Categories: Latest News

WRc recently submitted two entries that were successful in reaching the final of the SBWWI Water Dragons competition. The entries submitted were the novel Operating Training Tools and a new technique for inspecting plastic (PVC/MDPE) pipelines to identify leaks or metallic fittings. 

WRc’s Kevin Poole presented the WRc’s Operator Training Tools to the Water Dragons. The  Operator Training and Competency Assessment Tools provide the means to train operators through experiential learning, enabling operators to understand how water and wastewater treatment works respond in different situations and how their interventions affect the performance of individual and downstream treatment processes. The use of computer simulation provides a platform for operators to learn how to respond to a range of day to day and emergency conditions in a risk-free environment, and embeds learning at a deeper level to improve training retention and quality of operator response. These factors reduce reputational risk and improve compliance and serviceability.

Anthony Bond then presented the new technique which allows plastic pipelines of any size greater than 100mm to be inspected whilst they are still in service. The technique combines a unique ability to detect and locate lost metallic fittings, with a capability to map the line of the pipe and identify leaks. There is no upper limit on the size of pipe that can be surveyed using the technique and it is sensitive enough to allow identification of changes in plastic pipe material and to detect the location of plastic socket joints by the moisture seeping through them. The technique was originally designed to allow inspection of sewer rising mains.

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