WRc Assess and Address® is expanding!

April 06, 2016 Categories: Latest News

WRc, the innovation consultancy in the Water, Gas and Waste and Resources sectors is delighted to announce the expansion of its Assess and Address® service which is enjoying a record level of enquiries and order book. Over the last 4 months the business has met with increasing demand for Sahara trunk main leak detection services.

WRc leads the development and application of innovative technologies for inspection, monitoring and management of pipeline infrastructure. Backed by unparalleled experience, through its pipeline management approach, WRc is working closely with utilities to accurately assess the current condition of their underground assets and develop cost-effective solutions to ensure serviceability is maintained with minimum or no interruption to customers.

Keith Walker, Head of Commercial Enterprise at WRc says “Interest in proactive condition assessment surveys, such as Smart Ball, Sahara II and PipeDiver is on the increase and through our innovative Assess and Address™ approach to all underground assets irrespective of size, material, or depth, WRc is driving down the cost of pipeline operation and maintenance, whilst delivering improved overall asset lifetime.”

For further information, contact Keith Walker at keith.walker@wrcplc.co.uk or 01793 865104.




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