WRc–Led Consortium Appointed to European Commission Freshwater Policy Framework

October 30, 2012 Categories: Latest News

A consortium of European research organisations and consultancies led by WRc has been appointed to a European Commission framework providing services for the development and implementation of EU freshwater policies. 

Over the next 4 years, the WRc consortium will bid for service contracts let through this framework to provide independent advice on: 

  • the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Floods Directive;
  • compliance checking for EU water legislation implementation;
  • interlinkages between WFD implementation and other pieces of EU water legislation;
  • integration of water policy into other EU policy areas;
  • the development of the Water Information System for Europe;
  • new developments following the EU “Blueprint for Water”. 

This builds on WRc’s support to the Commission over the past 12 years with regards to WFD implementation. 

For further information contact Ian Codling on 01793 865030 or ian.codling@wrcplc.co.uk


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