Innovation Day 26th April 2017

Parallel Interactive Workshops

We ran 3 parallel workshops at our Innovation Day 2017

Innovating in a Post-Brexit Britain 

Led by Karen Light, Head of Water, WRc and Andrew Walker, International Marketing Strategist, Blue Gold Marketing

Taking place in Exhibitor Zone G, Ground Floor

In this workshop we explored the issues relating to innovating in a Post-Brexit Britain, is it a threat or can we find opportunities? We examined the facts around a number of issues and explore how organisations are preparing for the challenges ahead whether that be funding for infrastructure or R&D, trade agreements with EU and other countries, environmental regulation or labour issues.

Is Procurement a Barrier or Lever to Innovation?

Led by Carmen Snowdon, Head of Leakage, WRc and Martin Baggs, Former CEO, Thames Water

Taking place in Main Plenary, First Floor

The word ‘procurement’ conjours up different feelings in different people… a necessary evil to be tolerated? A way of ensuring integrity and fairness? Whatever our individual thoughts, procurement is a process that is central to innovation. This workshop identified how to accelerate our way towards the finish line and avoid the pitfalls that leave us back at square one by playing our very own game of snakes and ladders.

How to use Relationships as a Means to Reducing Risk in Innovation

Led James Hatt, Head of Customer Service, WRc and Sonia Home, Chief Executive, C-me Colour Profiling

Taking place in Exhibitor Zone U, First Floor

Building relationships, trust and understanding can be tough! It’s rare that one person can communicate effectively when talking to a myriad of different people, but we can be better; furthermore if one person can’t achieve communication and relationship excellence alone, what does the dream team look like to ensure our innovations are understood, trusted, listen to and valued?

Using C-me profiling’s psychology, real team examples and a simple model for working through innovation, Sonia Home explored how the ‘perfect team’ helps build relationships, and reduces the risk of your innovation product or concept being rejected both inside and outside your organisation.


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