Water Reuse in Egypt with BP

September 29, 2013 Categories: Latest News

BP awarded a contract to WRc to develop a water disposal strategy for a proposed project in Egypt. The nature of the subsea reservoir under consideration suggested that substantial amounts of water would be produced alongside the gas and condensate, and water disposal would be a critical issue for the project. BP is investigating a number of options, and WRc were requested to investigate the option for reuse of the water via onsite irrigation. The scheme needed to address the appropriate Egyptian codes and standards, high groundwater conditions and adverse climatic conditions; WRc’s findings and range of treatment options were presented in a high level feasibility study report.

 WRc employed geotechnical data surveys, environmental reports and site maps characterising the hydrology and hydrogeology to assess the capacity of the site to support the irrigation. However, adverse climatic conditions, high groundwater and the requirement for sustained treatment of the water prior to irrigation have provided the main challenges in developing an acceptable scheme. In order to achieve a significant reduction in the quantity of water the site would need to export, WRc’s recommended solution was a combination of reed beds and irrigation areas. 

For further information contact Benjamin Briere on 01793 865090 or benjamin.briere@wrcplc.co.uk.

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