There’s More Than One Way to Meter a Flat!

Posted by DeniseB January 28, 2014 Categories: Latest News

For water companies to achieve high meter penetration in urban and city areas, direct metering of customers in flats and apartments will become necessary. Currently many multi-occupancy buildings are bulk metered but this provides no link between an individual’s water use and their bill, making it harder to change behaviours. It also gives rise to complaints when individual customers request a meter but this cannot be satisfied – often due to the technical challenge of installing meters in multi-occupancy buildings. 

WRc’s new Portfolio project, CP530, is identifying technologies that can overcome these technical limitations by making installation easier and less disruptive to customers.  This will help increase meter penetration, particularly in urban areas, thus providing more detailed information on consumption – helping leakage and network management – and improving customer service. 

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