TesTex NDT Ltd

TesTex NDT Ltd

TesTex NDT is a specialised Non Destructive Testing company based in Lincolnshire, testing assets all over the UK and abroad. Plant equipment such as storage tanks, anaerobic digesters, pipelines, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, gas holders, boilers and columns.

We provide specialised inspection services to demonstrable standards, such as EEMUA 159 for storage tanks, and API 570 for pipelines as sought by many insurers and regulatory bodies.

We also develop and manufacture our own technologies at our head office in Pittsburgh, USA which gives us access to unique solutions and new technologies as they emerge – allowing us to bring you the best inspection possible.

We will be showcasing two of our technologies – Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) developed by ourselves for corrosion detection. As well as the PRISMA Ultrasonic corrosion mapping technique.

Both of these techniques can be used to rapidly scan for corrosion whilst the asset is still in service. Visit our stand for a live demonstration.