Tellus Utilities

Tellus Utilities

Tellus Utilities develops and manufactures innovative products to overcome technical challenges in the water, electricity, gas and renewable energy sectors. Tellus Utilities is part of the Reece Group, a major engineering company based in the North East of England.

HYDRAPULSE™ - A gate device that controls the flow of effluent to minimise the effect of Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG), silt and other deposits. It maintains sewer cleanliness passively and thus reduces maintenance costs whilst offering additional environmental and customer benefits.

ORCA - An acoustic reflectometry system specifically designed for rapid inspection of conduits and pipeline networks. Can diagnose and locate pipeline blockages within seconds, in both air and fluid filled conduits.

The TRAP - An inline sampling device to identify the source of high risk items that could cause blockages in sewers. The TRAP can also be used as a deployment platform for a number of different sensors into harsh sewer environments.

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