SRF Stability Testing at WRc is Now UKAS Accredited

June 16, 2015 Categories: Latest News

WRc is pleased to announce our UKAS accreditation for the Real Dynamic Respiration Index (RDRI) test to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.  This test provides an important measure of the stability of Solid Recovered Fuel with respect to its biodegradability and risk of self-combustion during storage. We are the first UK laboratory to attain the accreditation. It extends the suite of accredited anaerobic and aerobic tests on untreated and treated solid wastes from waste treatment, including BCS-approved Residual Biogas Potential (RBP) test, the cornerstone of the Anaerobic Digestion Quality Protocol.

WRc also offers bespoke waste and product characterisation testing to help industry recover value from waste and keep materials in circulation as long as possible.

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