A Circular Economy Workshop – Shaping the Future – to Explore the UK Transition to a Circular Economy (3rd March 2016)

March 09, 2016 Categories: Latest News


On 3rd March WRc hosted a ½ day interactive workshop to explore the UK’s transition to a circular economy for the utilities and infrastructure. Around 35 people attended, principally from the energy, waste and resources sectors, and local government.

The event ran through a basic guide to the circular economy and then explored what future cities might look like, how that would impact the way we deliver our services in the future and how that would impact our existing business models.  The responses were that it partly depended on the timescales, but that for many organisations it would mean a radical change in the current business models.  We explored how to create our own route map to a circular economy using some basic tools and discussed the limitations and barriers to making change.  The conversations then really got going in the breakout groups where we discussed data, assets, engaging with local authorities, innovation in infrastructure and real projects.

The circular economy tends to have a focus on consumer goods rather than consumer services and a truly circular economy is one that takes a strategic approach across organisations and sectors.  WRc's cross-sector experience means that they were able to create the independent space for those conversations to happen.  A number of real projects were identified during the day and we look forward to continuing the conversation and talking about the journey so far at WRc’s Innovation Day on April 27th.

For further information, please contact Philippa Roberts on + 44 (0) 7779655329 or email philippa.roberts@wrcplc.co.uk.

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