Resource Efficiency September 2018 Newsletter

September 10, 2018



WRc on the road - RWM

WRc are delighted to be returning to RWM for the thrid year with our team of Waste Doctors on hand to discuss all things waste related. So if you have a headache from waste classification, pain from instilling circular economy principles into your processes or agonising over how to provide innovative, safe, efficient services then head to stand 4H98-J99a to see how the Doctors can help.

WRc also welcomes Fabio Dalmonte and Oxana Wait to the team of Waste Doctors - read more about what the doctors do below.

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Project updates from the WRc Team

Waste classification

WRc have been characterising and evaluating a range of somewhat different and interesting materials in the WRc waste laboratory in recent months including: gym towels and personal care wipes; potatoes; and animal feed to determine both the biodegradability of 'disposal products' and the biogas potential of supplementary feedstock for anaerobic digestion.

MIBAAA - Ash Factory

WRc are supporting MIBAA (Manufacturers of Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate Association with a programme of testing for their processed residue streams (size fractions) to provide evidence to underpin and support continued recovery and substitution for virgin aggregates

Southern Water Innovation

Southern Water is currently reframing its Innovation Strategy to take a value-led approach to maximise its impact on business performance. WRc have been helping Southern Water embed the principles of the circular economy into new project evaluation and have developed a range of new metrics to get best value from a planned programme of trials associated with a new innovation initiative.


"At Southern Water we know that we need to invest in Research & Development for it to have a real impact on our performance. WRc has been helping us to create a framework to ensure that the principles of circular economy are thought about during each new project evaluation, and that these principles of generating value from waste, help us develop a range of meaningful metrics we can apply to our tech evaluation process. This will help us assess long-term value across a programme of trials." Southern Water



Food and beverage sector support

A UK Food processor wishes to embed sustainable and low impact management of the waste streams generated during operation of their business. Following assessment of existing waste management practices, and identification of potential recovery opportunities

WRc are assisting their client in identifying an improved waste management service and improved environmental performance while at the same time looking to reduce costs.

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Legislation/guidance news

An update to the EA's waste classification guidance WM3 was published in July.

This included calculations for ecotoxicity and use of hazard statement codes. Consult our waste doctors if you have an issue with correct classification of your wastes.


Quotes from our clients


"The team at WRc should be totally satisfied with their performance to provide sound technical advice with quality reports, and a team that is approachable and knowledgeable and are always willing to help"

EfW client


"I would just like to say 'thanks, you helped us out of tight spot."

EfW client






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