The final REACH deadline is May 2018 for manufacturers or importers of chemicals from 1-100 tonnes/year.

Due to our extensive knowledge of the REACH regulation and technical capability, WRc is able to offer a range of REACH services, tailored to meet the needs of your business.  Examples of such services are:

  • performing scientific data searches;
  • performing substance grouping, (Q)SARs and read-across services;
  • compiling and assessing physico-chemical data packages;
  • evaluating chemical identification and characterisation data;
  • arranging toxicological testing;
  • compiling and assessing toxicological data packages;
  • assessing and compiling environmental effects and fate data packages;
  • performing and reviewing environmental exposure modelling and monitoring;
  • reviewing epidemiological data and health monitoring studies;
  • assessing and compiling human health and exposure data;
  • evaluating hazard classification and labelling;
  • devising and evaluating Exposure Scenarios and conducting Risk Characterisation Exercises;
  • preparing Chemical Safety Reports
  • preparing (extended) Safety Data Sheets;
  • validating Registration dossiers prior to Agency submission; and
  • operational support for managing REACH compliance through IT systems

WRc is experienced in working closely with industry and representing clients within regulatory circles and provides the required expertise with complete objectivity, confidentiality and sensitivity to their business needs. WRc is proud to be a REACHReady Approved Supplier.

For more information visit NCET.

Dr Sarah Bull Principal toxicologist Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865153