Rainwater Harvesting & Grey Water Recycling - The Solution to Increased Demand and Flood Alleviation?

September 29, 2013 Categories: Latest News

Rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling are regularly mooted as being part of the solution to reducing demand on wholesome water supplies, reducing pumping and treatment costs and preventing localised storm water flooding. Water companies have started to look at these issues but as yet many of these benefits have not been quantified and the agenda has often been driven by manufacturers, government, environmental campaigners, and commercial organisations seeking business cost savings.

After a lively and successful workshop to establish the risks associated with the use of these systems in domestic and commercial properties and the possible benefits which could be realised from the water industry actively supporting the introduction of these systems, WRc recently started a collaborative Portfolio project on behalf of five water companies.

This project will ensure that the factors which impact on a water company through the installation of these systems by its customers are fully evaluated. In addition the project will explore how realistically rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling could tackle the issues of demand and flood alleviation and therefore how the water industry can influence their introduction.

For further information contact Julia Trew on 01793 865151 or julia.trew@wrcplc.co.uk.

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