Operator Training in a Virtual Environment

September 29, 2013 Categories: Latest News

At WRc, we recognise the importance of effective operator training to implement Best Practice and achieve improved operational performance and efficiency. 

WRc has developed innovative Water and Wastewater Operator Training and Competency Assessment Tools that provide the means to train operators through experiential learning, enabling operators to understand how water and wastewater treatment works respond in different situations and how their interventions affect the performance of individual and downstream treatment processes. 

The Operator Training Tools are now being offered with a range of support and upgrade packages including: 

  • On-going technical support via WRc’s ‘Help-Desk’
  • Operator Training Tool demonstrations and  ‘train the trainer’ workshops
  • Support with integrating the Operator Training Tools with existing and/or future training programmes
  • Upgrades to scenarios/treatment process models
  • Bespoke features to modify the appearance or functionality of the Operator Training Tools 

WRc’s virtual reality Operator Training Tools are now providing 6 water companies with the unique ability to reduce training and assessment time and cost, while ensuring consistent training of Best Practice. 

The use of computer simulation provides a platform for operators to learn how to respond to a range of day to day and emergency conditions in a risk-free environment and embeds learning at a deeper level to improve training retention and quality of operator response. These factors reduce reputational risk and improve compliance and serviceability.

For further information contact Kevin Poole on 01793 865179 or kevin.poole@wrcplc.co.uk.

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