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WRc solutions for achieving

phosphorus compliance released


Installing and operating tertiary treatment processes is expensive and often difficult, however reducing phosphorus inputs from other sectors, especially agriculture, can be a more sustainable and cost-effective strategy. Phosphorus offsetting schemes also have the potential to deliver multiple environmental benefits but require detailed planning and targeted delivery to be fully effective. WRc’s experienced catchment scientists, process scientists and modellers can support with building the business case, designing and optimising schemes, and evaluating their effectiveness.

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WRc makes the business case for peatland restoration to improve water quality

Raw water supplies abstracted from upland areas with damaged peatlands are often discoloured. The high levels of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) associated with the colour are costly to remove at water treatment works. Severn Trent Water commissioned WRc to evaluate options for continuing the company’s colour reduction programme through peatland restoration in AMP7.

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WRc identifies future risks to water quality from pesticides

To achieve compliance with the drinking water standard, water companies need to understand trends in pesticide use so that they can take steps to reduce water pollution in their source catchments.

Working collaboratively with seven water companies, WRc’s Catchment Management team developed 15 future scenarios that revealed how the type, amount and timing of pesticide use on a variety of crops might change over the next 10 years.


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Pesticides knowledge sharing workshop  

14th November at WRc

Through a collaborative research project involving ten water companies, WRc has developed a new online database tool (RAPID) for assessing pesticide risks to drinking water. For the first time, RAPID brings together information on chemical fate and behaviour, pesticide usage, active substance approvals, product formulations and cropping patterns to provide a comprehensive one-stop-shop information resource and risk prioritisation methodology. In the spirit of collaboration, we are running a knowledge sharing workshop on Wednesday 14th November in London to disseminate the results of the project and identify future research needs. Featuring interactive break-out sessions and expert speakers from York University and WRc, this event will explore the range of approaches currently used to characterise pesticide risks to drinking water and consider how the water industry can work together to develop more robust risk assessment procedures. The workshop is free and open to all water companies. Please contact Dr Andrew Davey (andrew.davey@wrcplc.co.uk) for further information.

WRc Innovation Day on the road

to United Utilities

On 19th September WRc took its popular Innovation Day out on the road to the home of United Utilities in Warrington.

The event brought together companies from across the country to showcase their innovative technologies which would directly address some of the issues for which UU are search for solutions.


The Innovation Pod is available, bringing bespoke events to utility countries across the UK.


To discuss please contact Simon Ayley simon.ayley@wrcplc.co.uk

Accadueo, Bologna and Venturi

H2O - Accadueo is hosting its annual event in Bologna from 17 – 19 October. Venturi and WRc are delighted to be sponsoring the event which will showcase the latest innovations from across the water sector. Accadueo “highlights outstanding international models, expertise and creative solutions with the aim of developing business opportunities at home and abroad and keeping up with today’s innovations and tomorrow’s technologies.”


WRc’s Roberto Zocchi will be attending to share with the event the benefits that Venturi can bring in order to showcase innovations in the water sector and develop collaborations to overcoming the multiple issues faced by water providers across the globe.To read more and book your place please follow the link below. http://www.accadueo.com

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