New Compendium of Household Demand and Micro-Component Statistics Developed by WRc

October 30, 2012 Categories: Latest News

Water companies are required to produce demand forecasts for their Water Resource Management Plans (WRMPs) for Ofwat and the Environment Agency (EA). These plans run for 25 years and the next plans are due for publication in 2014.

Where a supply deficit is forecast for one or more water resource zones and/or the water company is looking for approval to invest capital in new sources, the latest EA water resources planning guidance recommends that water companies produce a baseline and forecast of the household demand for water at the micro-component level. Micro-components of water use are, for example, toilet flushing, personal washing (bathing and showering), and appliance use (such as washing machines and dishwashers).

To provide water companies with a trusted, principal point of reference for the best available household micro-component and related water use statistics, WRc has developed a compendium of micro-component statistics that is already being used by nine UK water companies and the EA.

For the first time, the two biggest UK-based datasets of micro-components information i.e. data collected with the WRc Identiflow® system and Anglian Water’s Golden 100 dataset, have been assembled within one study. The document allows companies to use and benchmark data for their own company and region of the UK and provides a basis for companies to forecast household demand and an evidence base to support their WRMP discussions with the EA.

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