NCET provides independent and accessible advice
on the risks posed by chemicals and micro-organisms.

The National Centre for Environmental Toxicology (NCET), is a specialised team within WRc which provides independent expert advice on risks posed to human health and to the environment by chemicals, micro-organisms and other naturally occurring and man-made substances; both in the form of consultancy for risk assessment and a UK-wide  24-hour-365-day-per-year advisory service giving a rapid response to incidents. 

The NCET has had many years of experience in conducting hazard and risk assessments, undertaken on a wide range of chemicals. These hazards and risks are assessed in various media, such as drinking and surface waters, and contaminated soil and sediment; for a range of pollution events as well as in the workplace. Longer term risk assessments are undertaken to derive needed levels to protect human health and the environment from pollution.

The NCET team also offers a wide range of REACH services and WRc is proud to be a REACHReady Approved Supplier.

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Justin Strutt head of NCET & treatment processes Tel: +44(0) 1793 865125