Modern Water

Modern Water

Modern Water Monitoring has developed some of the world’s most advanced systems for monitoring water quality. We provide market-leading toxicity monitoring systems, trace metal and environmental monitoring systems. The range includes systems for portable, online, and laboratory use. All systems are easy to use and can be operated by technicians anywhere in the world.  

Our toxicity monitoring products, Microtox and Microtox CTM, detect toxins in water using bioluminescence technology and immediately warn of suspicious changes.

The trace metal PDV and OVA product ranges use voltammetry to identify and quantify trace metals in drinking water, industrial effluents, municipal wastewater, mining and surface waters.

The environmental range monitors contaminants such as pesticides and petroleum in water, soil and sediment.

Benefits of our technologies include quick and reliable results, early warning of toxic events, low capital and operating costs, protection against environmental pollution, for use stand-alone or integrated into existing processes.

Showcase description:

The main feature of our display will be the novel on-line toxicity monitor, Microtox® CTM. The instrument will be running on the day, alternating clean and contaminated water through it, clearly demonstrating the CTMs quick response time and easy operation.

Alongside the CTM we will also showcase our other product ranges for monitoring of heavy metals and a variety of other environmental pollutants.