Make ‘Making the Circular Economy More Relevant for Your Business’ Your New Year’s Resolution!

January 27, 2014 Categories: Latest News

In 2014 we expect an increasing focus on waste prevention at the top of the waste hierarchy, driven by Waste Prevention Programmes at both national and European level. Adopting waste prevention measures, as part of a circular economy business model, contribute to more efficient use of resources, and ultimately reduces operational costs to business and the wider supply chain.  Although 74% of businesses rate their understanding of the circular economy as high, only 41% believe their operations to be closely aligned with its principles.

Recent research by and Local Authority Waste & Recycling (LAWR) magazine identified the main issues facing business in adopting a circular model as: lack of time and resources, accessing data on resource flows / risks within the supply chain, engagement within the supply chain, and implementation of more effective procurement strategies.

WRc is launching a new service to help companies take advantage of the circular economny approach with on-site technical assistance and implementation.

Our bespoke waste prevention reviews drive improvements in designing out waste, recovering the value of resources, working collaboratively with your supply chain, and promoting lasting change.

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