Leaks Located in Yorkshire for Barhale Civil Engineers

October 18, 2012 Categories: Latest News

The Sahara® Leak Location System is a patented and proven system that accurately detects and locate leaks in pipelines of any material with a diameter over 100mm (4”). Surveys of up to 2000m are possible in live, potable water mains, without disruption of supply to customers. 

The Sahara team recently completed a very short survey - only 40m long - for civil engineers Barhale on a new 800mm pipeline near Cleckheaton. They were able to locate the leak and mark it up for the client. 

John Knox from Barhale comments “The leak has now been excavated and was pinpointed to within 200mm. If I had called the Sahara team in earlier, they could have saved us many days of wasted effort. I am extremely happy with the service provided by the team and would not hesitate to use them again should a similar problem occur.” 

For further information contact Ant Bond on 07932 113628 or anthony.bond@wrcplc.co.uk

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