Leaks Located in Swiss Wooden Pipe

October 18, 2012 Categories: Latest News

A Sahara Leak Location team travelled to Switzerland recently to carry out a leakage survey in a wooden (yes, really) pipe. The pipe is part of a hydroelectric scheme and is 1600mm diameter and 1.6km long. It was losing about 400 litres/minute.

The survey team detected and pin-pointed six leaks. The first has been excavated and repaired - the remaining five will take longer to fix as they are under a new road.

While in Switzerland the team were asked to survey a second pipe (also part of a hydroelectric scheme). This was 400mm diameter and 2.2km long. Pressure at the lowest point was 27bar.

A leak was successfully located - about 900m from the expected location so saving the client many hours of speculative digging.

For further information contact Ant Bond on 07932 113628 or anthony.bond@wrcplc.co.uk.

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