WRc Infrastructure - Leakage & Condition Assessment

Pipeline inspection, condition assessment & asset management planning

Utilities face significant challenges in effectively managing their aging pipeline infrastructure. Pipeline failures are increasing in frequency and severity, leaving utilities with difficult decisions on whether to maintain or replace assets.

WRc leads the development and application of innovative technologies for inspection, monitoring and management of pipeline infrastructure. Backed by unparalleled experience, through its pipeline management approach WRc is working closely with utilities to accurately assess the current condition of their underground assets and develop cost-effective solutions to ensure serviceability is maintained with minimum or no interruption to customers.

Through its Assess & Address® approach to all underground assets irrespective of size, material, or depth; on trunk mains and sewers, water and gas distribution lines, sewer rising mains, and industrial, fire, cooling & process water supplies, WRc are driving down the cost of pipeline operation and maintenance, whilst improving overall asset longevity.


Watch our video to see how WRc uses PipeDiver.


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