Latest WRc Approved Certifications - December 2018 Newsletter

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Latest WRc Approved Certifications -

Providing confidence in product and service performance and suitability

WRc Approved is an international 'fitness for purpose' certification scheme run by WRc plc to help suppliers demonstrate the performance of their products and services. Buyers can have confidence in WRc Approved reducing risks in procurement. Quality, performance and installation are all covered in the assessment of the product or service.


Any product or service can be Approved. For a ‘novel’ product where no standards exist, we utilise our knowledge and expertise to ensure the Approval is robust and appropriate for the industry.


Over the past 20 years WRc has issued in excess of 400 approvals. Below are the most recent products to acheive WRc Approved Certification in 2018.


CIPP Linings Approvals

Picote Solutions Ltd

Picote Brush Coat System

Approval code - PT/431/0218


"It was great working with WRc as the Approval Team were able to draw upon a wealth of experience of pipe rehabilitation methods and standards. Working with Picote Solutions they were then able to develop a suitable assessment schedule for the Picote Brush Coating (TM) System.

As part of the approval process WRc were able to provide guidance on test requirements and standards which would define the design parameters and longevity of the Picote Brush Coating System.

The major benefit to our existing and potential clients is the independent third party certification that the WRc Approval provides which is recognised in numerous countries around the world, as is the Picote brand."

Picote, December 2019

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iMPREG®-Liner GL01 (styrene free) Liner Full Length UV Cured Lining System

Approval code - PT/415/0118


"We at iMPREG, are more than happy with the professional and timely service extended to us by WRc during our renewal and approval process. At all approval stages we had a dedicated contact person accompanying and guiding us through the different requirements.

To be accredited by WRc gives us a great standing in the market and our customers another important proof of our ongoing quality control in place. There are a lot of projects requiring WRc Approved products and we are very much benefiting from being WRc Approved."

iMPREG, December 2018


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Software Approval


Viewline 550 Reporting System

Approval code - PT/430/0918


“We are working hard to satisfy demand and have unanimously agreed to continue significant reinvestment into our products. WRc Approved has given us a greater level of credibility and recognition for the efforts we have made to date and next year we expect to be very busy indeed. We will be reaching out to the Industry to explore further compatibility's, new innovations and cohesion with existing drainage asset management systems in the UK and abroad. Supporting Industry Standards has been core to our product development and we are now well placed to help move things forward into the future.”

Syncware, December 2018

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Installation Approval

Onsite Rail

iMPREG GL01,GL13 and GL16 UV cured-in-place (CIPP) liner for gravity drains and sewers

Approval code - CT/005/0918


"The WRc Approved certification is an integral part our process, from tender through to delivery. The certification sets the standard for contractors to adhere to ensuring that all products are stored and installed correctly for every scheme. The annual audits are welcomed to ensure our high standards are applied for each of the certified products.

The service Onsite Rail has received from WRc for all of our product approvals has been nothing short of exceptional. Having personally been involved with the WRc Approvals for our products over many years it has been a pleasure to work with such dedicated and professional people through the whole process."

Onsite Rail, December 2018


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Pump & Flow Control Approval

Clearwater Controls Ltd

Deragger + Pump Controller

Approval code - PT/427/1018


"We’ve enjoyed working with WRc, firstly to run a large-scale trial of our DERAGGER technology and then as we worked towards gaining full WRc Approval certification.

Gaining WRc Approval is another important confirmation for our DERAGGER technology. WRc is a highly respected institution both in the UK and internationally. Gaining certification from a respected, independent party has been well received by our customers, and our distributors across the USA have reported a positive response which we hope will help our sales effort."

Clearwater Controls, December 2018

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Training Approval

Source One Environmental

Pipe Doctor No Dig Repair System Training Course

Approval code - PT/424/0318


”Although the approval process was rigorous, we were in touch with WRc throughout to provide all the information they needed and the approval process ran very smoothly. This thorough process ensures that the WRc Approval has meaning – contractors can be sure that the course provides real benefit to them, and their customers, the Water Companies, can be confident that they understand best practice. Some forward-thinking Water Companies undoubtedly value this assurance. S1E would like to continue to work closely with WRc to push this approach out widely across all UK Water Companies,”

Glenn Cartledge, MD

Source One Environmental (S1E)

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Chambers Approval

SPEL Products


Approval code - PT/429/0818


The SPEL GRP Wet Well is a  cylindrical glass reinforced plastic (GRP) wet well,  manufactured as one piece for both horizontal and vertical non-pressure appliations. Its diameters range from 1800mm to 4000mm, buried at depths of up to 6 metres and is compliant with Sewers for Adoption.
It is not applicable to any pipework,
fittings, pumps and associated switchgear
used with any wet well.

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