Innovative Project in Wastewater Screening Management

Posted by DeniseB May 14, 2014 Categories: Latest News

Wastewater screenings are a difficult waste stream posing a challenge for resource recovery.  To meet their zero waste aspirations, water companies wish to identify a viable route to utilise some, or all, of the wastewater screenings produced at wastewater treatment works.  

To meet this objective WRc have been commissioned by the UK Water Industry research (UKWIR) to undertake areview of ‘Wastewater Screenings Management Options’. This will develop a technology/solution evaluation framework to help drive screenings management further up the waste hierarchy.  As part of the project, WRc will assess current and developing technologies to identify their suitability for treating, and ideally recovering value, from this waste stream. 

Please contact Paul Eades at if you are a developer or supplier of a technology that could be used to treat screenings.

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