How Innovative is the UK Water Sector? Help Us Find Out

Posted by DeniseB January 28, 2014 Categories: Latest News

How innovative is the UK Water Sector? What is the value of this innovation? Do we spend enough and is it in the right areas? How do we compare to other sectors in the UK and with water sectors in other countries? These are questions often asked but difficult to answer with robust and accepted information, resulting in a negative perception of innovation within the Water Sector. 

The Innovation Leadership Group (ILG), with members from across the Sector, has recognised the need to build a credible body of information to challenge this negative perception with facts. The ILG members know that innovation in the Water Sector is not just about water company R&D; innovation is broader, bigger and happening in a range of public, private and third Sector organisations across the industry. 

The ILG has commissioned WRc to collect and present the information required to answer these questions and to recognise and record innovation. Initially the work will provide first sight at a national level; however over time the plan is to build a data set which allows gaps to be identified, progress monitored and a true measure of innovation captured enabling comparison across international and sectorial boundaries.

The online tool to present this information has been developed and can be found at along with background information on the ILG. This tool will in time present the bigger UK picture and be a source of credible and valued information which stimulates dialogue across the sector, identifies trends, provides a baseline and gives greater coherence to our understanding. The Sector will be able to use this information to influence decision makers, senior managers, investors and government.  

We are currently collating data on all aspects of innovation within the Water Sector with the potential to something different, something new and something of value. We want to hear from you if you are an innovator within the Sector - you can be part of this and get involved. Contact Leo Carswell of WRc by e-mail: or by telephone: 01793 865131 to find out more or look at


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