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September 05, 2017 Categories: Articles Latest News

Following last year’s Innovations in Infrastructure report, WRc is launching Innovations in Plastic.

Plastic is a material that is often in the news, especially with regards to marine plastic waste in our oceans. There have been a number of powerful media reports and programmes that have highlighted the extent of the problem, which results from years of use of plastic products and packaging. Yet we have been using plastic in our products and packaging for years because it is such a useful material; strong and light. 

Innovations in Plastic highlights the technologies, the thinking and the new products that will help us as we transition to a circular economy. The report presents case studies of new technologies for processing waste plastics from Recycling Technologies, Enval, Suez and the Thermal Compaction Group as well as new ways of thinking, from RPC and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, both of whom emphasise the importance of design. An example of new products that can be made from recycled materials is showcased by new swimwear brand Davy J. There are some fantastic images in this report and inspiration in the story of their products.


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