Determining the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Maintenance Expenditure

September 29, 2013 Categories: Latest News

With water utilities in England and Wales in the thick of finalising business plans for PR14, results from this collaborative research project are being implemented to ensure that correct data are captured for effectiveness and efficiency assessment. The project was originally borne out of an industry need to understand how water company data and processes could be used to demonstrate that historical spend on maintenance activities had been both effective (i.e. it delivered the expected customer  outcomes) and efficient (i.e. effective at least cost). 

WRc developed a simple framework which companies can follow – and integrate as a business-as-usual process – to ensure that the correct data are captured for effectiveness and efficiency assessment, and that improvements to existing post-project appraisal processes are taken forward. 

Generalised linear modelling and data envelopment analysis were illustrated as useful tools and good practice. Measures of success and company performance indicators were assessed for their utility and a gap analysis and recommendations for improvement were released confidentially to all participating companies.

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